28 Day Challenge – Blog Post ideas

As part of the challenge, today I am supposed to create a list of blog post ideas (it didn’t say this list had to be a blog post, but what the heck).

I have some ideas that involve writing and revising previous works and ideas.  This comes with some challenges, which I’ll address in a bit.

Low hanging fruit: food and recipes.  I used to do this (see link in sidebar to my old food blog).  I don’t see this as a mainstay any longer because I’ve lost all hope in being a food blogger/YouTube star.  I still like to do it once in a while, but having a toddler zaps the extra time to snap pics and recreate a recipe from memory.

Book revision:  a few years ago I wrote a small book on technology integration.  My current thoughts are to revise the book and make it open access (still need to touch base with the publisher on this, but I don’t think it will be a problem).

Other ideas:

I have been tooling around with writing more about foresight education in the classroom.  I have to be careful here since I’m working on an article I’d like to publish, and the journal I have in mind explicitly states that I cannot have previously published said article in any format (online blogs included).

Another topic I’m exploring is the use of data by teachers.  In my opinion, it is woefully inadequate, and the teacher is not necessarily at fault here.  Over several blog posts, I’d like to explore some reasons and solutions for this problem.

I’ll admit, it’s going to take a miracle to keep this going, though.


28 Day Blogging Challenge

Not really a New Year’s Resolution, but I’m going to try Edublogger’s 28-day Blogging Challenge.  If you’re interested in learning more, click here.  Having started (and stopped) blogging on several occasions, I can probably skip a few of the days because I’ve already completed the suggested tasks.  Further, having done several blogs in the past, I don’t necessarily have to take on some of the technical challenges (like adding a hyperlink…see above).

In short, my goal here is to improve my writing, both informal and academic.  I’ll still post food photos and recipes like before, although much less frequent (i.e., not the main point, food blogging is soooo 2014, and I have a kid now, so I lack the time and the creative drive – which requires adequate sleep).